Why is the text printed in reverse on the clothing?

Our affirmations are printed in reverse onto our AC pieces to enable you to read them when looking in the mirror. This helps build affirmations into your daily routine while still keeping them personal to you. 

Why is the sizing different?

As our clothing is designed to affirm something to yourself we didn’t want a ‘small, medium or large’ label to be part of this. Therefore, we decided to use angel numbers in our sizing to help you see something positive here. Your clothing is meant to fit you, not the other way around. Please refer to the size chart for conversions. As a start-up business we are looking to expand our size range as soon as we can so please follow our social media @affirmedcollective for updates. 

How are you trying to be sustainable?

We are very aware of the impact the fashion industry has on the environment and want to do our best to mitigate our impact. We are by no means a fully sustainable business but are trying hard to make conscious efforts wherever we can. As a small business it is difficult to take on this challenge as alternatives are expensive and more complicated to work with, but it is important to us to keep the environment in mind.

Our clothing is made with a proportion of recycled materials and protected with tissue paper rather than plastic. Our packaging does not contain any single use plastic bags. Instead we have designed paper mailers that are recyclable, biodegradable, printed with water based inks and plastic free. Packaging is resealable so it can be reused in the case of any returns. Our stickers are produced using a thermal printer meaning no ink cartridges are required.

All items are produced to a high quality standard to ensure they will last. We do not design according to trend cycles but encourage AC pieces to be worn over and over again.

We also do not offer next day shipping so that shipments can be planned out and made more efficiently.

Additionally our office space is powered by a carbon neutral energy provider.

Shipping & Refund

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